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The first ever customized camping planner in the world!

“Create your own happiness. Go camping.” ;)

A “must-have”


“Juls” by Đuliana Radetić.

Allow me to present you ''My Camping Planner'' a uniquely customized planner for all the true camping lovers. Created with a touch of elegance, using gold, silver and white colors,

You will love it

From the moment it gets into your hands!! Besides being a interesting and unique way to plan your next camping adventure, it remains awonderful souvenir for all the campers, becoming a “personal campsite notebook”, with blank pages for you to fill them out.

Beautiful planner is made for you!

Be it by individual impressions of the campsites visited, writing your own campsite reviews or just capturing your favorite moments by keeping the photos at the specially designed pages..

Draw, color, underline. Make your planner unique. Make it yours!

Beautiful quotes and drawings